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J-Clip Specifications
J-Clip's official Launch
The Tape Only Method (static)
Tape and Pin Method (static)
The Screw Method (static)
Small J-Clip Specs
The Small J-Clip
The Small J-Clip
The Small J-Clip, although classified as small should actually not be called that. We have tested the small clip carrying a frame of up to 4 kgs. The clip will hold reasonable frames, but the way that the clip has been fitted is of more importance. The Screws Method is clearly the strongest and it is advisable to always use this method, when the item is reasonably heavy or if you are in doubt that the Tape Method will be strong enough

General Specifications (Each clip measured seperately)
Width:24mm (without the catch)
Width:35mm (Including the catch)


Ths Small J-Clip is only 4mm thick. The great advantage of such a thin clip is that your pictures can almost be flush with the wall.
Plate Groups, using the small size J-Clip with double sided tape on the plates, and using the Steel Pin method on the walls
Plate Groups using the small J-Clips.