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J-Clip Specifications
J-Clip's official Launch
The Tape Only Method (static)
Tape and Pin Method (static)
The Screw Method (static)
J-Clip's Official Launch

J-Clip Stand at Decorex 2007
J-Clip Stand at Decorex 2007
J-Clip was officially launched on the 21 March 2007 at the Decorex Show in Durban. After many years of developing and testing the prototype the dream of a simple but innovative design came to fruition.

The Idea
The Idea came from the frustrations and many hours spent trying to hang pictures , mirrors, plates etc, up in perfect alignment and straight. Grouping and sets were a huge challenge.

After cleaning I'd have to straighten them all again.

There had to be a simpler solution to my dilemma.
  • 1. It had to keep straight at all times.
  • 2. It must sit more flush against the wall.
  • 3. And easily removed and replaced for cleaning.
After much searching and many phone calls, I established that there was no such thing.


J-Clip's effective wall picture hanging system.
The J-Clip Picture Hanging System
The Launch.
The Launch at the Decorex show was a great success. J-Clip was accepted with open arms and received numerous compliments and many visitors took a few J-Clips home to go and experiment with. I have lost count of how many times I heard the phrase "Next weekend I am going to replace all my picture's wire and hooks with the J-Clip"

J-Clip’s innovative design and simplicity made it a huge success at the Decorex Show, and we believe that it will become a household name over the next few years.

Where to from here?
We are going to submit J-Clip to the South African Design Institute, and I trust that it will qualify for some national design awards. Soon you will find J-Clip in your local hardware store, your supermarket, your framing shop, and you might even see a television commercial for J-Clip in the near future.

Julie and Clint